Revolutionary new mobile social network launches to help local businesses get more customers through the door

Added by on February 25, 2012

London, England – UK-based software development company A115 has received an undisclosed amount of funding from European private investors to create a next generation mobile social network aimed at fundamentally changing the way local businesses interact with customers. The project, code named OpenVortex is scheduled for public release in September. Traditional medium and small businesses around the world will benefit the most from the new technology, which will directly bring more customers through the door and increase customer loyalty. Low cost, dynamic pricing and simple, intuitive interfaces will make it easy for any business to experiment with or adopt this revolutionary technology to the degree their owners feel comfortable at any time. Detailed usage analytics will afford small business owners access to the same kind of business intelligence and insights into customer behavior patterns that is currently only available to the world’s largest corporations.

“Local businesses currently have almost no way of interacting with the multitude of potential customers that walk past the front door every day, ” says A115 co-founder Jordan Dimov. “The technologies that we develop open up a whole new ocean of possibilities. We help businesses and customers get to know each other better and ultimately establish a long-lasting, value-based relationship. “

End-users will benefit from timely, accurate, highly-targeted and context-sensitive information about their surroundings and exclusive, personalized offers by nearby businesses. Pushing beyond the current capabilities of augmented reality and location-based services, OpenVortex will utilize the virtually unlimited resources of the cloud to increase both the quantity and quality of interactions between businesses and clients. Access to the OpenVortex network will be provided free of charge to local law enforcement, public service organizations, and civil society groups. Because OpenVortex communication will be one-way (from businesses to customers), with feedback going over a separate channel, the platform will not suffer from most of the privacy and security concerns that end-clients have with existing social networks and traditional mobile applications.

Businesses will receive access to OpenVortex through a crowd-sourced global network of resellers, thus creating a new eco-system of employment opportunities worldwide.

The estimated size of this newly created global market is in excess of US $30 billion annually.

OpenVortex creator A115 offers world-class IT consulting, agile software development, and information security solutions to meet the global demand by innovative corporations and modern government institutions since 2007.

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