RTA Compensation Claims with Home Visits now offered at the Accident Claims Company around the United Kingdom

Added by on March 30, 2012

England, United Kingdom – Executives at the Accident Claim Company in the United, Kingdom, have announced the corporation will now be offering RTA compensation claims handling in England & throughout Wales with free home visits. The organization begins the claims process using the free home visit whenever necessary to help victims understand the initial claims paperwork that’s required to start the process.

The executive leadership team at the Accident Claim Company strongly believes in allowing an accident victim to remain as close to home as possible so they schedule any head & brain injury compensation claimsor other RTA compensation claims using medical expert’s and solicitor’s in the local area. This approach cuts down of the victim’s travel time & it may well also help avoid any added injury or distress to the victim.

“I used The Accident Claim Company for my motor injury compensation claim. I must say I have never claimed compensation before, but the service for the company was excellent and my claim is now settled promptly within six months.” – Mr. P Hughes, Birmingham
Accident victims who are looking for whiplash solicitors will discover the Accident Claim Company being incredibly helpful and committed to working on almost any suit to help you the victim receive compensation for their injuries. The company handles personal accident claims, car injury claims, industrial injuries, clinical negligence cases and criminal accident claims.

The Accident Claim Company offices maintain an accident-advice helpline which is staffed by professionals who might assist victims in determining whether they have a suit in which to file a claim. The company also offers a free helpline to clients as a service to its customers and potential customers that can help victims understand their lawsuit a little better prior to pursing a claim.

The phone call is free and the lawyer’s services are also free. In the event the Accident Claim Company pursues a personal injury claim, and helps the victim connect on a specialist expert injury lawyer, the victim will receive one-hundred percent of their settlement amount.


The Accident Claim Company is well known specialist personal accident claims company for motoring accident incidents and various other types of claims. You retain 100% Compensation whenever you win and our helpful advice is risk free. We would like to provide our help with your accident claim so that you get what you’re entitled to.


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