RTF Water Saver launches RTF Water Saver grass seed

Added by on May 7, 2012

Elderbank, Nova Scotia, Canada – RTF Water Saver announces the launch of RTF Water Saver grass seed that requires less water to thrive than other types of grass.

“Summer is the time for green, grassy lawns for playing, picnicking and just relaxing – but those lawns come with a price: gallons and gallons of water are needed to ensure those emerald blades stay green and healthy – an expensive proposition, and one that uses a lot of the planet’s resources. Fortunately, RTF Water Saver grass seed is a great choice for keeping your lawn green, reducing costs and protecting the environment,” said a spokesperson.

According to the company, RTF Water Saver grass seed is a new, scientifically designed rhizomatous tall-fescue (RTF) grass seed that requires less water to thrive than other types of grass, making it an ideal solution for homeowners and commercial and public enterprises that want to save money and help protect the environment. A spokesperson explained, like traditional bluegrass, RTF Water Saver seed produces rhizomes, laterally spreading roots that send up new shoots to fill in bare spots and produce a thick, dense cover. These rhizomes help “knit” together a healthy underlying root mat that prevents clumps and helps eliminate bare spots that can allow invasive weeds to take hold. At the same time, RTF also produces a deep, fibrous root system that reaches down as far as four to six feet, reaching water and nutrients unavailable to other types of grass, making it healthier and more competitive than more shallow-rooted types of grass. This unique root system, said the spokesperson, also makes RTF Water Saver seed the ideal choice for sports fields and public parks, where foot traffic and activity are high.

“RTF’s deep roots help reduce the need for water and fertilizer and support a hardy, dense leaf growth type that is more consistent than other types of fescue, and which thrives in both sunny and shaded areas. Compared to other types of grass seed on the market, RTF germinates and anchors itself more quickly, with germination in 8 to 12 days and full establishment in about 8 to 10 weeks, allowing the turf to be used sooner than other types of grass,” added the spokesperson.

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