Running Press releases new cookbook for twenty-something tipplers

Added by on April 25, 2012

Running Press announces the publication of a new summertime cookbook called Corked & Forked: Four Seasons of Eats and Drinks.

Keith Wallace, the book’s author and a former chef and sommelier says the book is full of great recipes for the summer, including “Vegetabalarian Burger” to “Cantaloupe and Gin Popsicle” – all of which, he says, are leading edge and very easy to prepare.

As a former sommelier Wallace says he’s used to pairing cocktails with almost every dish. Wallace says his experience is sprinkled throughout the book in the form of delicious and affordable pairings for every meal and dish in his book. According to Wallace, the most interesting of his pairings are cocktails like a Basil Caipirinha and Sazerac, a pre-prohibition favorite.

Reviewers say the cookbook can be a used as seasonal book that features dinner themes that include recipes and pairings. Every recipe is interesting and engaging, yet easy to prepare, and Wallace steers clear of exotic ingredients, say reviewers – making Wallace’s food accessible regardless of their innovative nature. Chapters in the book include Twenties-Era Picnic, Dinner under the Stars, and Grilling with Friends.

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Keith Wallace is currently the executive director of the Wine School of Philadelphia and the publisher of Epikur Magazine; he writes about food and wine for several magazines.