Russian Art Workshops launch Matryoshka painting workshops

Added by on January 28, 2012

Russian Art Workshops located in Toronto, Canada announce the launch of several workshops for painting Matryoshka, also referred to as Russian stacking dolls or Russian nesting dolls.

The workshops, held on weekends, are a great opportunity for teens and adults to learn about the rich traditional folk art of painting the famous stacked dolls.

Russian stacking, or nested, dolls – which are called Matryoshka in Russian – are a series of figurines made of wood of decreasing size, that fit inside one-another, with the last doll being the smallest. Each figure separates in the middle and reveals a similar figure inside – each doll is painted differently. There are usually a total of five figures, yet there can be many more, with some reaching several dozen figures.

Many Russian stacking dolls are in the form of people, yet also take on characteristics of important saints, historic Russian religious icons, pets, plus themes like Christmas, Easter, and famous people like politicians, musicians, and even astronauts.

The Toronto-based workshops provide attendees a complete experience including Russian music, presentation abut a doll factory in rural Russia, and even complimentary tea, coffee, and a traditional Russian tea bread called Sushki.

Russian Art Workshops provides a way to keep this important form of folk art in the minds and hearts of men and women around the world for years to come.

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