Sakura Publishing announces new titles for 2011 holiday season

Added by on October 25, 2011

Sakura Publishing is pleased to announce a number of new books in its lineup of engaging titles for the 2011 holiday season.

“Death Of A Black Star” by Sharday Cage – a poet who is interested in identity that comes through ethnicity, justice, and politics – includes in her debut collection of poems some of the most important themes facing people all over the world today.

“Defeat Wheat: Your Guide To Eliminating Gluten And Losing Weight” by Brian Gansmann explains a very effective dieting program that involves eating right through the elimination of gluten from every meal. Gansmann was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which led him to a profound discovery about the benefits of eliminating gluten from your diet and follow very basic, yet essential, healthy rules for living.

Sakura Publishing was founded in 2010 by author and musician Derek Vasconi. Sakura Publishing offers on-demand publishing services coupled with optional pay-as-you-go services, giving authors access to worldwide markets. Free of cost services for all authors include worldwide distribution and marketing including press releases.

Pay-as-you-go services include manuscript submission and review, book editing, cover design, ebook conversion, author website construction, ghost writing, and book publishing services.

Sakura Publishing offers an online store for consumers, plus its books are available through major online retailers like and Barnes & Noble.

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