Save the Animals concert in limbo: Najar

Added by on May 7, 2012

Island Music is reportedly preparing a live concert event scheduled for the end of 2012 which would be used to raise money for neglected and abused street animals in the United States.

Island Music’s live concert spectacle is expected to be held at the Hollywood Bowl at the end of 2012 and to feature music superstars such as Usher and One Direction. The idea is to gather music acts from around the world (and from other labels) to come together in the hope of raising money for animals neglected and left to roam the streets of America. 100% of the profits will go to Animal shelters across the country – but there is a catch. Tickets are expected to go onsale starting at US$118 each. Fans of some of the superstars expected to be performing have taken to social networking sites to share their anger at this situation. One Usher fan wrote “It’s great that (the money) is going for a good cause by srsly the price!!!!!! I got bills!”, with another Usher fan simply putting it “2 expensive. Not going”. Usher’s representatives were not available to comment.

One Direction’s representatives said of the proposed concert “One Direction will perform at any legitimate event with the goal to save lives, be they of humans or our furry companions” although no further details on the concert were given. Australian singer Matthew Najar’s (who is currently expected to open the concert) management stated that “(He) would perform at the concert pending the outcome decisions of (the concerts) organizers – right now it seems in limbo”.

The timing of the proposed event couldn’t be worse, several major sporting events will be held nationally (meaning televised coverage of the concert would retain a smaller audience).

Although still in planning and development stages it seems that the speculation surrounding price and timing for the proposed concert event will halt it in its very tracks. The major artists expected to be contracted to perform at the concert are: Usher, One Direction, Til E, Lil H, Aerosmith, Taio Cruz, Alicia Keys, Matthew Najar and Ciara.

More on the Island Music concert will be reported as it happens.

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