Savvy Tailor launches new custom men’s clothing website

Added by on November 15, 2011

Savvy Tailor, a custom men’s clothing company, officially launched their website,, to offer their products to customers in United States and Canada. The site allows customers to create custom men’s dress shirts online leveraging special 3D technology, or to choose from pre-configured designs. Customers can provide measurements, complete the order details, and checkout in the comfort of their own home.

The design experience starts as if the customer is a fashion designer, and who better to design a shirt than the customer themselves. One may think this is a challenge; however Savvy Tailor makes this surprisingly easy. Savvy Tailor has developed the online technology to allows users to easily customize any key feature they desire with ease and provides customers the ability to customize a vast number of options. As shoppers go through the customization process, a 3D image of the shirt is rendered, in both front and back views, ensuring that the selections meet each person’s style expectations.

After completing a tailored shirt design, the customer is presented with various options for providing measurements to ensure the dress shirt design will be made for the customer’s specifications. The customer can supply their actual body measurements, provide measurements from their favorite fitting shirt, or choose from a listing of stored finished shirt dimensions. Savvy Tailor offers high quality provides not only the perfect fit, but also wrinkle resistance, easy care, and durability for the busy man who wants his dress clothes to last. These objectives require the use of high-end fabrics and meticulous hand craftsmanship standards.

Once the measurements are provided a customer can easily and safely check-out using either a credit card or PayPal account, both of which are managed by PayPal, a trusted provider of secured payment methods coupled with the highest standard of on-site data encryption.

Once the order is complete, a team of tailors build the tailored dress shirt to specifications and ship it directly to the customer. Savvy Tailor says, “The final step is to open the box, put on the shirt, and get noticed!”

About Savvy Tailor

Savvy Tailor is a custom men’s clothier retailing premium retail products. Savvy Tailor currently supports the greater Detroit area of Michigan and South Western Ontario (Canada) regions through a live sales network. The company currently offers custom made shirts online with plans to expand online offerings and expand its reseller network. To learn more about Savvy Tailor, please visit