Scott Soloff reveals The Money Myth

Added by on March 6, 2012

Philadelphia, PA – Scott Soloff releases his fourth book in the Law of Attraction Series titled “The Money Myth – The Method Approach to Creating Abundance”.

Soloff reveals too often the emphasis on the Law of Attraction is presented as The Secret to manifesting money. He states that’s absurd. Consequently individuals do not want money instead their true goal is security which is their natural birth right.

Soloff says, “The purpose of this book is to help you distinguish the difference between money and the nature of supply”. What’s The Secret everyone has raved about? Soloff states “The Secret of demonstrating abundance can be found in the Bible”.

Soloff says “Spiritual work is much more involved, requires a great deal of dedication and its starting point begins only when we become forged as humans. Everything that you need to know about manifesting abundance can be summed up in the several teachings of Jesus”.

Many individuals have heard of cause and effect. Soloff states “Money is an effect. Everything you desire is the effects of supply. What do an affirmation, brain waves, and the method have to do with creating abundance? For those interested in getting the answers, “The Money Myth” – The Method Approach to Creating Abundance can be purchased from:

About Scott Soloff

Scott Soloff was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has been married to Kathryn Soloff for close to forty years and they have eight children. For over forty years he has been involved in the study of far eastern philosophy. Mr. Soloff presently devotes his time to traveling the world with his wife writing and lecturing about The Method.