SEO Austin gives companies and entrepreneurs competitive advantage

Added by on March 21, 2012

SEO Austin says search engines like Google and Bing strive to improve search results for their users to be able to deliver more targeted ads to users of search engines – boosting their advertising revenue. Google recently announced announced forthcoming changes to search and search results that may affect between 10% and 20% of the billions of searches performed by users each day, possibly affecting the amount of traffic many websites get from searches.

“Search engines strive to deliver relevant search results. Industry experts agree search engines use more than 200 signals to determine the placement of a result on a search results page. With the recent announcements factors like the number of ads your site displays, the speed at which your site responds, and the quality of the content available to visitors may play a role in how well your website may rank in a search result. Internet marketing Austin takes a balanced approach – we build trust through high-quality content, engagement through social media, and focus on local search when possible,” said a company spokesperson.

Search Engine Optimization Austin helps clients in four key areas, all of which important in their online marketing efforts: establish a differentiator, determine the market’s tipping point, establish an online presence and blog to support on-going engagement, and improving usability on a variety of devices including smart phones, tablets like the iPad, and personal computers and notebooks.

“SEO Austin focuses on providing better ranking in search results pages, and help lower on-going marketing costs. Today’s global market moves quickly, making on-going communications between businesses and their clients an essential part of day-to-day business,” added the spokesperson.

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