SEO Canada expert announces a new modification in search engine optimization tactics

Added by on March 11, 2012

SEO Canada expert, Maria Johnsen offers web promotion services in Canada. Maria Johnsen offers promotional services in 60 Canadian cities. She promotes business owners websites in one or several languages. This SEO Canada expert offers consultation, SEO audit for E-commerce web pages. If a business owner has a website in French or German or even Chinese, look no further as the multilingual SEO expert assist you to increase your page rank and traffic. This will help you to increase sales.

This highly skilled dedicated search engine programmer will assist you to promote your products or services in local Canadian cities or on global level.

This expert programmer offers the following services:

  • Dedicated powerful link wheel in English, German, French and even in Scandinavian languages.
  • Dedicated link building service: Maria Johnsen has updated her link building strategies after receiving
  • Google’s announcement about their modification in ranking algorithm in March 2012
  • Video promotion services: this contains dedicated video creation and distribution of video directories
  • Dedicated RSS distribution
  • Article writing and syndication in French, German and English
  • Google Plus Profiling
  • Social media profiling
  • Website profiling
  • Dedicated Youtube Channel ( design and YouTube optimization
  • Back link building for your video sites
  • SEO Audit in English, French and German languages: This SEO audit is a dedicated manual audit for your E-commerce webpage. This is an in-house SEO audit service which does not exist at any other Company on the planet.
  • Canadian businesses will receive a bonus package which is a dedicated IPhone/IPad App for their website

What makes Maria Johnsen’s special

“Most of the SEO companies replicate campaigns from each other. I apply completely different methods and strategies in my web promotion campaigns for my clients. I am a programmer and have developed my own tools which cannot be found in the market. I am expert in search engine programming and entrepreneur. When I receive your project I do a complete research to analyze users’ behavior in your niche. I also apply market segmentation analysis in order to help you to reach your marketing goal. I do not do a so called ‘Blind SEO’ which is common among 99% of SEO companies. My researche contains market and buyers’ behavior in your niche. You can choose my services with confidence and you will never regret.,” says SEO Canada expert, Maria Johnsen.

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