SEO Canada expert launches search engine optimization China for Chinese businesses

Added by on December 18, 2011

Maria Johnsen, SEO Canada expert announced launch of SEO China today. Maria Johnsen is fluent in Chinese and can be a bridge between China and western world.

“Increasing brand awareness and sales are difficult tasks for today’s Chinese business owners around the world. A part of the problem is language and cultural differences,” says Maria Johnsen.

Maria continued, “One has experience in both marketing and languages in China . One is able to increase your brand recognition among businesses in North America and Europe. This way many companies related to your niche will be attracted to your products and services. This will give immense opportunities to Chinese small and medium size businesses reside in Canada, USA and the other European countries to be able to get more targeted customers.”

Johnsen listed the benefits of her marketing and promotion services:

Business owners do not have to be worried about the language barriers as she speaks Chinese

She is familiar with Chinese way of life, business processes and rules which many Chinese small and medium size businesses are not aware of.

She increases branding and brand awareness for your products and services

Johnsen says a Chinese business owner can get media exposure by using her services and channels because she is an expert in programming, offers cost effective pricing and great customer service, and offers guaranteed results.

According to Johnsen she has a few years work experience as an advisor and consultant at a major clothing company n North East China at Jilin Province and central China. She says she also worked at Chang Chun film studio at Jilin Province and dubbed several movies from Chinese to English and vice versa in order to get the 5 Canadian and American movies ready for a film festival in Bulgaria. Johnsen said because of her work experience in TV and media in China, she was able to gain more knowledge about eastern culture and business process models in marketing.

Maria Johnsen is a bridge between Chinese businesses and the western world.

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