SEO Canada launches in over 60 Canadian cities

Added by on November 4, 2011


SEO Canada launched in ten Canadian provinces, over 60 Canadian cities

SEO Canada, a service of Multilingual SEO expert Maria Johnsen, launched today in more than 60 Canadian cities, spanning ten Canadian provinces.

Of the approximately 2 billion current internet users, 70% of internet users access internet sites in a language other than English. SEO Canada provides multilingual search engine optimization services, helping businesses tap into the market of approximately 1.4 billion non-English speaking internet users.

SEO Canada expert Maria Johnsen said, “An English-only SEO campaign deprives your business of a significant number of prospective clients.”

Johnsen continues, “A multilingual SEO campaign taps into a very large market of about 1.4 billion internet users. Simply translating your English SEO copy into other languages is not enough if you want to gain any sort of credibility, not only do you need to speak to your current and prospective clients their own language, you also must speak to you clients in a way that’s familiar to their culture.”

SEO Canada, available in English, French, and a range of other languages, is a major expansion for Multilingual SEO expert Maria Johnsen who has been helping companies with their multilingual search engine optimization efforts since 2008.

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