SEO Fans offers free internet marketing course

Added by on May 7, 2012

SEO Fans, a website dedicated to all aspects of internet marketing through tutorials, eCourses, and other resources, announces a new free course to learn internet marketing.

“This is a simple, straight-forward course I wish I’d had access to years ago – it’s precisely the resource people new to internet marketing and just starting to learn SEO need. The course is called the Internet Marketing Guide that provides a number of benefits including a fundamental understanding of internet marketing beyond the hype,” said Jocchim Rodriguez, the founder of the SEO Fans website.

According to Rodriguez, those who learn internet marketing by using a proven business model have much higher success rates as compared to those that create their own internet marketing business model. The Internet Marketing Coaching Program, according to Rodriguez, provides a solid business foundation based on a proven and successful business model, plus Rodriguez says he explains how to increase success over time to keep up and surpass the competition.

“I’m going to give you the instruction course I didn’t have – which can cut off years of learning internet marketing on your own. This course is valued at $147 and is yours free,” added Rodriguez.

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