Six Lowa gains support for music on social websites

Added by on April 5, 2012

Six Lowa, a DJ and promoter that’s an essential part of Lower Manhattan’s best bars, lounges, and clubs is pleased to announce he is gaining support for his unique hip hop with a twist of new school on social media websites.

“My sound is hard hitting drums, stripped down bass and catchy dance hooks created at home using different hardware and software, and into final production with professional producers,” said Six Lowa.

Six Lowa says his music is influenced by Big L, Lord Finesse, Papoose, and Biggie bringing it back with a laid back, old school, party flow.

According to industry insiders, Six Lowa’s music features the hottest beats for club play, yet has radio friendly lyrics – a winning combination say industry insiders that have heard Six Lowa’s upcoming tracks. Reviewers say Six Lowa brings listeners to the feel good era of hip hop music.

“Some of my new tracks will be featured on digital music stores soon,” added Six Lowa.

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