– Four year market leader in bamboo sheets

Added by on April 15, 2012 is pleased to announce it has been leading the market in bamboo sheets for four years.

“We have been making and selling industry-leading bamboo sheets for four years and have sold thousands of bamboo sheets during that time. Many clients are repeat clients that are very happy with their 300 thread count sheets that feel equivalent to 1000 thread count in a fine cotton based sheet,” said a spokesperson.

Bamboo sheets are made using rayon from bamboo in a complicated operation so as to make sure you have high quality. The company states its bamboo is cultivated entirely chemical-free.

In contrast to trees, bamboo comes up from the earth at its total diameter and grows to full height inside a 3-4 month growing time. Bamboo grows as a solitary culm, or shoot, till it achieves the most of its height, at which point it makes shoots having leaves. The shoot hardens every year, and the bamboo is deemed as being mature in its 3rd year of development when many varieties of bamboo are regarded as being suited for utilization in construction.

“Our success during the past four years is based on quality plus many happy clients. We offer retail as well as wholesale pricing – wholesale pricing applies to orders of 12 sets or more,” added the spokesperson.

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