Small business local search consultant boosts business’ customer base

Added by on February 15, 2012

Search Marketing Local, a small business local search consultant, says the phone book, flyers, and many other local marketing tactics are rapidly losing their effectiveness and recommends businesses direct their marketing efforts to building and enhancing their online presence to take advantage of huge opportunities provided by current trends in local search marketing.

Many businesses don’t have an online presence, and are missing out on opportunities provided by search giants like Google and Bing that help small businesses get a strong online presence very quickly. In fact, Search Marketing Local’s small business local search consulting gets your business online and listed not only in regular search results, but also on mapping services like Google and Bing maps, boosting the number of people that find your business.

Many studies have shown that over 80% of people searching for local businesses intend to buy – potential clients are actively searching for a local business that can provide what they’re looking for and are ready to buy on the spot.

Small business local search consultant Search Marketing Local offers local search marketing services to businesses of any size.

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