Smart Green Graffiti Remover: clean up Europe’s graffiti & earn good margins too

Added by on March 29, 2012

Smart Graffiti, manufacturers of Smart Green Graffiti Remover, the environmentally friendly* one-minute graffiti remover, is searching for distributors for its range of five graffiti removal products across mainland Europe.

Already a runaway success in Australia and the USA; these products will remove all marker pens, dye, paint and other known graffiti materials from masonry, brick, concrete, stone, aggregate panels, asphalt, wood, painted surfaces, glass and more. Smart Green Graffiti is already widely used by major ‘blue chip’ companies, cleaning and building maintenance contractors.

Smart Green Graffiti Remover is believed to be the world’s fastest graffiti removal product. It will clean 1sq metre between 1and 5 minutes depending on density and type of graffiti.

Smart Graffiti Europe is searching for janitorial, office and factory supplies distributors in all EC countries outside the United Kingdom.

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Principals of interested organisations should contact:

Smart Graffiti Europe
Wrimstone Farm, Swimbridge
Devon, EX32 0QG
+44 (0) 845 519 6658