Snoring information website offers alternatives to stop snoring

Added by on April 25, 2012, a website specializing in stop snoring information and treatments, released a new article that provides a number of ways to stop snoring. The free article, How to Stop Snoring – 10 Tips You Can Use Without Seeing a Doctor, is now available on the website

“I started in 2011 after being frustrated about the scattered information available on the internet. covers the entire world of snoring related problems – on one comprehensive website:,” said Mark Savanti, founder of

The new article, How to Stop Snoring – 10 Tips You Can Use Without Seeing a Doctor, provides options that people can try as soon as they finish reading the article, said Savanti. Advice includes getting someone that snores to sleep on their side. For those that tend to switch back to sleeping on their back during the night, the article suggests sewing a tennis ball to the back of the snorer’s shirt to encourage them to sleep on their side. The article also offers advice that includes losing weight, sleeping with a firm pillow, and avoiding activities like drinking alcohol and smoking before bed.

“It’s easy to forget or overlook seemingly basic factors like the firmness of your pillow, or your daily sleep schedule. This article may help you identify the underlying problem and may help you. If you you cannot stop snoring, we offer a stop snoring mouthpiece that has been proven to help stop snoring and improve the quality of your sleep,” added Savanti.

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