Social marketplace designed specifically for nonprofit donations launches

Added by on April 16, 2012

GoodHalf.Org launched in early April, 2012 when founder Curt Gilstrap recognized the incredible need for innovative fundraising among the more than one million nonprofits in the United States. Building from multiple online marketplace models such as Fiverr, Craigslist and Ebay, GoodHalf.Org collects the best features and provides front-end-fee-free listings for sellers to post items or jobs for sale. Only after sales occur do half of payments go directly to Nonprofits tagged by sellers. The rest of the payments are deposited in sellers’ accounts.

“It’s a simple but effective concept for Nonprofits looking to increase fundraising efforts,” states GoodHalf.Org Director Gilstrap. “Imagine finding and developing new evangelists for your Nonprofit—large groups of people who want to be ambassadors for you but are short of donation dollars. Now they can list books, collectibles, yard mowing jobs, almost anything, share it across multiple social media spaces, and give half of sales payments to your Nonprofit.”

Using the Paypal gateway, GoodHalf.Org offers buyers and sellers a free space in which to communicate, then list and sell new and used items, electronic goods and services.

“The really powerful feature of GoodHalf.Org is that we are risk-free for Nonprofits and sellers alike. We do not collect a penny from Nonprofits, and sellers list without paying any listing fees. Any seller can support any US-based Nonprofit. Any Nonprofit can campaign for supporters to sell almost anything online and donate half to their organization,” adds Gilstrap. “GoodHalf.Org is a sharable, risk-free win win.”

GoodHalf.Org also provides some sponsorship opportunities both on the part of Nonprofits and businesses wishing to make major contributions by supporting Nonprofits through the marketplace. Listings also allow YouTube links, a full menu of social share buttons, and the option to advertise local businesses and other websites.

For inquiries contact Director Gilstrap at or visit