Solkor Marketing launches new service, website

Added by on April 7, 2012

Solkor Marketing – an online marketing consulting company – is pleased to announce its launch and the launch of its new website.

“Solkor Marketing’s founders have helped companies all over the world, in countries like Italy, Canada, USA, UK, France and many others. From luxury villas, to fine dining restaurants, and even other marketing firms, we help people make more money by showing them what is possible, and providing strategies that transform their businesses,” said Ryan Demchuk, one of the company’s co-founders.

According to Solkor Marketing, the first listing on a search results page gets 42% of all clicks, the second ranking link gets 26% of all clicks on the results page, the third listing gets just 13% of clicks, with the remaining results getting between 1% and 3% of clicks. As a result, says Solkor Marketing, search marketing campaigns should target the top three results.

Solkor Marketing services include Search Engine Marketing using extremely effective methods, email marketing, YouTube videos and marketing, Website design, mobile marketing, and reputation management. The company says it specializes in strategic planning and project implementation, offering its clients a high degree of visibility.

“Solkor Marketing combines proprietary techniques and technologies with your company’s existing marketing channels to provide your clients and prospects a completely integrated and consistent experience, plus top ranking in search results. If your company is not on the top three search results, your competitors are,” added Demchuk.

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