Study finds drug testing saves companies over $700 per employee

Added by on April 26, 2012

A new study by Lab Testing Solution finds drug testing saves employers US$705 per year in workers compensation savings, lost productivity making drug screening a key risk mitigation strategy.

“Employee screening – that is, drug testing – is not only a risk mitigation strategy, employee screening is proven to improve employees’ productivity by 25% thereby helping them reach their full potential as an employee – contributing to their on-going job success. And, as it is said, a happy employee is a loyal employee – a benefit for both employer and employee in these turbulent economic times,” said a spokesperson for Lab Testing Solution.

The company says the study found an average of 10% of employees in workforces that are not in an employee screening program abuse drugs or alcohol; employees operate at about 75% of their full potential when they abuse drugs; and about 20% of health insurance benefits are paid to cover substance abuse-related claims. The company says the study reviewed employees that did not have any benefits paid for the year, and notes that an increase in actual savings per employee results when benefits claims are paid – a drug free workplace can help improve overall profit, added the spokesperson.

“Our mobile drug testing program represents our understanding of downtime and reduces the possibility that somebody may cheat on the test. On average, a collection is 7 minutes for a potential donor whether it is urine or an oral collection – that’s less time than a coffee or smoke break,” added the spokesperson.

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