Success Wizard announces availability of innovative online life coaching platform

Added by on March 21, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA – Yuval Goren, president and founder of Success Wizard, announces the company is now offering program development services, including customizing its robust online life coaching platform, to personal development gurus, life coaching companies, seminar leaders, and training organizations.

“Our goal at Success Wizard has always been to help one million people worldwide live happier, more authentic and fulfilling lives,” Goren said. “And we believe this natural progression in our business, from creating our versatile coaching software to helping others develop their own personal development courses and online life coaching programs, will allow us realize this goal faster and make an even stronger impact.”

According to Goren, each “private label” coaching program is based on a fully customized platform that provides complete and structured coaching process and a set of interactive tools that educate, guide and support those looking for more clarity, meaning and prosperity in their life as well as those trying to enhance and advance their careers, relationships, health and finances.

“Our unique life coaching tools integrate the world’s most effective personal development coaching techniques to provide a complete step-by-step practical and affordable solution to support users in achieving their personal goals and aspirations,” added Goren.

Success Wizard’s online coaching software platform takes advantage of the very latest mobile, social, and web 2.0 technologies to deliver engaging and interactive personal development training and coaching services.

Goren commented, “Our partners will benefit from a fully customized program and life coaching tools developed to their particular market and according to their specific requirements,” Goren said. “We believe that by leveraging our innovative and unique platform, self-improvement leaders, personal growth experts, and coaching companies will gain a unique and effective way to engage their clients and utilize the power of the Internet and the latest Web technologies to deliver their content and programs.”

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About Success Wizard

Success Wizard develops personal, meaningful and highly effective life coaching online programs to help people change, grow and enrich their personal and professional lives.

Success Wizard creates customized interactive personal development coaching software and applications, and engaging content delivery systems for personal development “gurus”, life coaching companies, self-improvement authors/speakers, seminar leaders, and training organizations.