Super Bowl commercials 2012 a smashing success

Added by on February 7, 2012

Super Bowl 2012 - the 46th Super Bowl

Super Bowl commercials 2012 were as exciting as the game. With a 30 second spot costing an estimated $3.5 million, advertisers tried their best to get the attention of some of the 111 million worldwide fans watching the game on television.

Doritos ad featured a grandmother and a baby – which shot right up to the top the the ratings. The ad is based on concepts sent in by members of the public for Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest.

The ‘Just my Shell’ M&M ad was a hit too. The ad featured a brown female M&M at a club, with two men nearby snickering. The men were snickering because they thought the M&M was naked, yet the M&M said that was the color of her shell, and that she would be an idiot to show up naked. Just then a male M&M in a red shell shows up, yells, “So it’s that kind of party” while dancing, and rips off his shell, revealing his milk chocolate center.

Super Bowl commercials 2012 features all of the latest Super Bowl 2012 ads, including the popular Toyota Camry “Reinvented” ad, featuring a new Toyota Camry and a range of other reinvented things including a sofa made using women in bikinis (with a male version available too).

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