Team USA to wear Hyperdunk shoes in 2012 London Games

Added by on March 3, 2012

Team USA will be wearing Hyperdunk shoes during the summer 2012 London Games.

Hyperdunk shoes are 18% lighter than average basketball shoes and are the strongest basketball ever created on today’s market.

Hyperdunks are unique because of their design.They are the lightest and strongest shoe available for basketball players and they are designed to support the ankles specifically and help players move quickly across the basketball court. Padded technology built into the soles of the shoes provides assistance to players while jumping,” said a spokesperson for

“Hyperdunk shoes were worn by United States athletes at the Beijing games and continue to be popular among various NBA players. As more and more NBA players are sporting the shoes, more fans and other basketball players are finding the shoes appealing,” continued the spokesperson.

Hyperdunk shoes use high-strength cables for support and stability – the cables are loose when at rest and dynamically tense when in motion to stabilize the foot. The upper features engineered foam mesh that reduces weight while increasing breathability and durability and the open mesh tongue and inner sleeve offer superior ventilation and a more comfortable and secure fit.

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