Temple In India gets revenue of 25.6 million pounds though donations

Added by on March 28, 2012

A Temple in India gets revenue of 25.6 million pounds within five months, the magic is though believers donated hair; the temple then sells the hair online, in the form of wigs.

This Vishnu temple Tirupati Mara is located in southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is a famous tourist destination in the country also India’s richest temple. Data from a trust fund association of the temple shows that the temple gets around 25.6 million ponds though online bids at special auctions. The amount increased three-times over the same period of last year. The auction is 561 tons of hair which are collected from believers since last September .

According to temple management this 500 tons of hair according length and hair quality is distinguished into two kinds and five grades and is sold to Europe and the United States and China. Except the Foreign market “The Tirpati horses hair” is also very popular in India. Hair sold in the domestic market is mainly bought by wig manufacturers from Mumbai, and then sold to Bollywood stars.

Hair donated to the temple is sacrificial and is actually an ancient religious practice. It is said though this activity believers desires can be come true. About 40,000 pilgrims visit the temple each month. In order accommodate believers in their with to donate their hair, the temple employes a total of 650 barbers in 16 halls – two of which operate 24 hours. Each barber shaves about 60 donor every day, or about 1,760 pounds(798kg) hair.

In order to take care of the enormous wealth the temple receives, it established a Trust Fund Association. At present,the donations are used to fund charitable organizations, open schools and hospitals, and other public welfare, plus providing food to millions of poor person.

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