Test video games – a great career option: experts

Added by on February 25, 2012

A career testing video games is a great option in today’s shifting global economy, say experts.

“Companies test video games to ensure that games work as users expect them to work, are enjoyable, and don’t fail, especially at critical points in the game,” said an industry expert.

“Qualifications for people that test video games vary from company to company, yet all levels of players are needed: beginners, intermediate, advanced, and experts. Players are expected to think creatively and come up with as many paths and alternatives to accomplishing something within a game, to root out problems, errors, and other issues,” explained the industry expert.

Finding problems by playing a video game is a thorough test; video games often have vast worlds, advanced physics, whereas some feature complex puzzles and characters that are almost human, said a video game tester.

Experts say that people who test video games are in demand, partly because there are so many devices on which to play video games: computers, consoles, smartphones, and tablets are popular platforms for many games and all games have to be tested before they’re sold.

“It’s a lot of fun to test video games, plus I feel like I’m making an important contribution,” said a video game tester.

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