Texas insurance expert says now is the best time of year to compare insurance rates or switch provider

Added by on February 25, 2012

Trustmymechanic.com, Houston’s leading insurance quotes provider, has today announced its offering visitors a super-fast way to compare their auto insurance rates.

“This is the season to be jolly, and is has proven to be the best time of the year to compare rates or switch companies,” said Austin Davis, owner of Trustmymechanic, and a man who’s expertise is looking over the mechanic’s shoulder and monitoring quality control.

Trustmymechanic, which is mainly about auto repair, has in recent times been fielding many questions from visitors asked for help with their auto insurance issues.

“As a result, I have created a few pages that offer tips and advice to get a lower rate from their current company or how to switch to another and knowing what questions to ask, People are looking for the cheapest car insurance rates these days.” said Austin.

The site, which targets drivers in the U.S ranging in ages 18 and over, want them to take the time now to compare the latest rates, which could be much lower than their current rate.

“Comparing today’s rates will save them money, and his site will make comparing rates fast and easy, thus saving them time and the hassle. It’s a free service as well, so it does not hurt for them to go to the site and check the rates,” he said.

As an auto repair consumer advocate, Austin loves helping people with auto repair related problems for free. “I have been working in an auto repair shop in Houston, Texas that my grandfather started in 1937,” he noted.

Waypoint is now becoming a very popular online forum board where people can ask questions about their vehicle. However, Austin has discovered that most of his visitors are not aware of how important having good auto insurance coverage is.

“Most motor vehicle owners don’t even know or fully understand how their insurance deductible works. Ironically, I am glad, because such ignorance or oversight has given me the chance to help educate them on that along with other things they should be asking their insurance agents,” said Austin.

For further information, please contact: Austin Davis, Owner trustmymechanic@yahoo.com, or visit http://www.trustmymechanic.com/insurancelink.html