The Talk with Teisha debuts to large audience

Added by on October 30, 2012

The Talk with Teisha TV program debuts on dishnetwork

Teisha Powell Production is pleased to announce her program ‘The Talk with Teisha’ recently debuted on dish network with a potential audience of 14.4 million American households.

Teisha Powell is an anattorney, conservative commentator, and host of the 30 minute program. She said hosting ‘The Talk with Teisha’ is a ‘dream come true’.

Powell added, “I feel blessed to host a television news talk show that discusses conservative, legal, and economic topics to a national audience.”

“As an attorney I developed a passion to find answers for people.”

“I was able to get top experts in housing, and other fields to help shed light on many areas of law, finances and conservative issues that affect us as Americans. I know that many viewers will be entertained and enlightened by this show.”

Powell described how, recently, a single mother approached her and said she has wanted a show like ‘The Talk with Teisha’ for a long time.

The single mother added, “When Hollywood is blasting the airways with sex, and corruption, it is always a good thing to have a very family oriented program on the air.”

A TV industry insider said Powell’s newstalk show debut has perfect timing – talk shows are becoming more popular just as soap operas are starting to be cancelled.

Ms. Powell isn’t the only conservative host heading to dishnetwork. An analyst commented, “For viewers that subscribe to dish network, there are many reasons to celebrate.”

‘The Talk with Teisha’ is available on dish network, Angel one – channel 261. Air dates for some of her upcoming shows include (all times are Eastern Time) November 5, 6:30AM; November 10, 9:30AM; and November 17, 2012, 7:30PM

About Teisha Powell

Teisha is the founder of Teisha Powell, Law Offices, where she handles foreclosure defenses, litigation and real estate.

Powell has been considered a Florida foreclosure lawyer or Florida foreclosure attorney by many.
Teisha, a Florida foreclosure lawyer/Florida foreclosure attorney, lectures on real estate, Florida foreclosure defense and has been featured on national radio and TV shows such as Fox and RT.

Teisha is the author of “The Homeowner’s Guide to Surviving Foreclosure,” available on

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