announces the launch of its new website

Added by on December 13, 2011 announces its new website, launched for couples that find themselves struggling to become pregnant and starting a family of their own.

According to the website, it was inspired by the Pregnancy Miracle program started by Lisa Olson, a certified nutritionist, health, and lifestyle coach.

In her book, Olson details just how eating habits, daily stress, and even certain sexual positions affect fertility. Olson lists a number of foods that pregnant women, and women who are trying to become pregnant, should avoid. Olson explained the program includes a money back guarantee if pregnancy does not result within three months.

One of the more important aspects of conception, the site explains, is the fact that every woman’s body is different. Some women may find it incredibly easy to conceive whereas others may find it extremely difficult. According to Olson, the site addresses these issues in clear, concise language and encourages women to empower themselves by taking their health and fertility into their own hands. includes information about how to become pregnant quickly, including techniques to relieve stress and teaching how to breathe properly. Olson stated many women attempting to conceive suffer from infertility problems caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or endometriosis, so the website contains valuable information on how to best deal with these medical issues without the use of hormone therapy or surgery.

Visitors to the website say its articles are informative and easy to understand and the blog itself provides a nice online community for couples who are having difficulty conceiving and need a support group. Regular site visitors say the articles allow for commentators to join in and add their own experiences or offer their own suggestions for enhancing the chances of becoming pregnant through natural, non-hormonal means.

For those interested in in-vitro fertilization, the website also offers resources and information regarding how best to prepare one’s body for the hormonal treatments. It also lists the risks associated with the treatments such as the disruption of an individual’s natural bodily rhythms.

The site emphasizes the importance of decreasing stress levels to maintain proper health and to make one’s body more receptive to pregnancy. Olson explained stress directly affects the production of hormones in both men and women which can severely impact fertility.

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