TigerWalk – House of Designs website launches

Added by on December 14, 2011

The Tiger Walk- House of Designs website is pleased to announce its launch today at www.alionandersson.net. The site showcases fashion, architectural design and the interior decorating work created by the firm’s Head Designer, Alion Andersson.

The company says the recruitment of Head Designer, Alion Andersson really has been key to Tiger Walk’s success. Andersson, the company says, is the visionary whose leadership has taken Tiger Walk to the next level of performance. The development and launch of the company’s new website provides easy access to the firm and its catalog of design work.

Alion Andersson has spent a lifetime following his passions – fashion design being his primary area of interest. In 1981, he says he began following his dream by building Spy Sports Wear. Reports of Andersson’s ability in creating functional fashions say his designs opened many doors for him in the early parts of his career. He would later complete the sale of another one of his firms to a Fortune 500 company freeing him to focus his energies on the development of his art.

Andersson broadened the scope of his work as he aged. The breadth of his interests grew from high fashion to contemporary furniture, to cooking fine cuisine, interior design and even photography. He says he burned with a creative fire which illuminated everything project he touched.

Some say Alion Andersson’s search for beauty isn’t limited to his art, but really in the way that one should live their life. The businesses he built were a reflection of those values, he says. Andersson continues, “This path has brought me to where I am today, the creative force behind TigerWalk’s Design Team”.

The company says the new Tiger Walk- House of Design website covers the main areas of the business: fashion design, furniture, interior design and architecture. Included are galleries to highlight Andersson’s work along with some historical background and contact details.

For more information contact the company at its website at http://www.alionandersson.net