Top 10 Blogging Blunders – Costly Mistakes

Added by on August 17, 2011

Business Blogging Blunders can be Costly

Research by IronMonk, a New York based social marketing agency, reveals the results of a study focusing on business blogging mistakes. The study’s results, called Top 10 Business Blogging Mistakes, highlights the importance of authority, relevance, consistency, and quantity to attract prospective clients and retain and nurture existing clients.

The top 10 business blogging mistakes include poor quality content, lack of social marketing integration, inconsistent posting schedule, uninteresting or irrelevant headlines or titles, missing opportunities for search engine optimization, self-promoting blog posts as opposed to blog posts that establish your company’s authority. The results include details about each mistake and how to correct them.

The study’s author, Andrew Radcliffe, said, “It’s never been easier to become a publisher – it can take just a few minutes to setup a blog site and start posting. The goal of business blogging is to assert your brand and organization as an authority in your niche and to, ideally, get others to recognize you as an authority. After all, having someone else say you’re an authority is far more valuable than saying it yourself. Business blogging is a great way to promote your expertise while increasing awareness of your company’s brand to an audience that otherwise may not have ever become aware of you.”

IronMonk is a New York based social marketing agency that provides social media solutions that help small businesses strengthen their online presence, build their social network, acquire leads, and stay in touch with existing clients through social networking services like Twitter and Facebook.

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