TopSavings.Net Telecommunications offers text customer sales support

Added by on February 11, 2012

Scotts Valley, CA – U.S. West coast based company TopSavings.Net telecommunications announced this month that a new text number for customers to contact from their cell phones is now available for customer sales inquiries. The company that has been offering phone service and Internet access services for 10 years online is one of the first e-commerce website on the web to now offer a text contact number along side its toll free number for consumers, businesses, and government clients.

“When the idea came to me, I felt like kicking myself really to be honest”, says Aaron Siegel, CEO and owner of TopSavings.Net Telecommunications. “I mean, we deal in telecommunications all day everyday 7 days a week, how could I have not thought of adding this as a viable contact method for sales for all these years? You would have thought this would have been a contact number option as soon as texting came into the telecom market. I’m really even more surprised other companies online aren’t using one.”

The text number is nothing fancy or elaborate and is not toll free. Images and files cannot be attached to the texts and typical character count limits will be present depending on the mobile phone service the text is coming from. Visitors with customer sales questions are now encouraged to use this option when on a cell phone for better documentation on prices and the quality of customer service given, but are equally encouraged to use whatever method they are most comfortable with.

The same text to number is also able to handle phone calls and take voicemail messages for customer call backs.

For more information regarding TopSavings.Net Telecommunications or to use their new text to number please use the following contact information below.

TopSavings.Net c/o Aaron Siegel
53 Terrace View Dr., Suite 7
Scotts Valley, CA, USA

Phone: (888) 688-1895
Text: (831) 216-6389
Email: sales [at]