Toronto Mover study finds 25% of clients not satisifed

Added by on May 4, 2012

Toronto, On, Canada – Toronto Mover services study finds that one in four moves in Canada results in a complaint to Consumer Affairs of Canada.

“Since the moving industry was deregulated during the 1980s the number of unscrupulous moving companies has steadily increased, eroding consumers’ confidence in the industry as a whole. Now companies like ours at Toronto Movers are trying to change that by offering a reliable moving service at competitive rates,” said a spokesperson.

According to the company, it tries to get to know its customers and find out about any moving issues they may be having. The company spokesperson explained moving is stressful, and a moving company should strive to make the overall move less stressful for its clients. Toronto Movers, said the company, offers reliable and affordable relocation services.

“Get the service you deserve when you move by using Toronto Movers – in business for many years with thousands of satisfied customers,” added the spokesperson.

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