Travel writer Katy Blake writes the Prasouda Diet based on her travels in the Mediterranean

Added by on March 3, 2012

Valetta, Malta – Popular travel writer Katy Blake creates an easy to follow guide to the Mediterranean lifestyle and eating in the Prasouda Diet.

Blake said the Prasouda Diet (aka Mediterranean Diet) is the only diet recommended by the Mayo Clinic, and the only diet that has been claimed to be the only weight loss solution proven to keep weight off plus create a healthy lifestyle that reduces the risk of many disease related illnesses.

“The Prasouda Diet is a step by step guide that holds your hand through an easy transition into a healthy lifestyle. Following the methods used in the Mediterranean for hundreds of years, whole families revel in the wonders of proper health and nutrition. Great food, healthy living and a high quality of life makes this book an instant hit,” explained the book’s author Katy Blake.

According to Blake, this is the only known diet that is safe and effective for children of all ages as well as adults. The Prasouda Diet, says Blake, is the perfect weight loss solution for entire families and because of the types of food and methods in the Prasouda Diet, the majority of children love it.

The Prasouda Diet is not strictly a weight loss program, but a lifestyle that ensures weight loss and a massive decrease in the risk of several diet related illnesses such as:

* Remarkably Energy Increase
* Weight Loss
* Healthier Heart
* Reduced Risk of Alzheimerís
* Reduced Risk of Parkinsonís
* Reduced Risk of Type II Diabetes
* Lower Blood Pressure
* Lower Cholesterol
* Help Ward Off Several Types of Cancer
* Increased Libido
* Live Longer
* Clearer Skin
* Healthier Hair and Nails

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