Tweet With A Voice service launches

Added by on March 12, 2012 is a new, free service that allows you to convert any text to an audio tweet with just one click, allowing you to “Tweet With A Voice.” The interface is very straightforward and easy. Just type the message you want to be “heard” and then click Go! Then you can post your audio tweet directly to Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. If you want to share it somewhere else, vTweet generates a shortened link, so you can post it wherever you please. You might be wondering how works. It uses to Google Translate api, so all text entered is processed through them.

Unlike other similar services on the internet, vTweet does not require and account or registration. That being said, you don’t have to worry about giving away your personal details, or getting spammy emails. One great feature of vTweet is there is no limit to the amount of audio tweets you can create! There are currently 58 languages supported on vTweet. You can type a message in English, choose Chinese as the language, and it will play your message back in Chinese.

The interface of the site is unlike other competitors, with a simple playback page, that has only one simple instruction, “Crank up the volume.” This site doesn’t seem to be very well known, but with a few tweets posted or Facebook audio statuses, it could take off overnight. vTweet is one of the neatest tools utilizing the Google translate API out there. The only way to see how simple and awesome vTweet is, would be to try it out yourself, so head over and make a voice tweet.

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