UK Airport Hotels Guide releases guide for Gatwick airport hotels

Added by on April 22, 2012

UK Airport Hotels announces the release of its new guide that provides information about Gatwick Airport hotels which include parking, meet and greet services, and more.

“In today’s economy everyone is trying to get the most value for their money. Many Gatwick Airport hotels provide great value by offering competitive rates for accommodation which includes parking, meet and greet, or shuttle services to the Gatwick airport,” said a spokesperson.

According to the spokesperson, Gatwick hotels often include parking that spans the duration of travellers’ trips that book a hotel stay prior to departure. Options for booking Gatwick airport hotels include ‘super saver’, where guest book before knowing the name an location of a Gatwick airport hotel, and ‘pre-booking’ which is similar to hotel reservation – both options, said the spokesperson, provide great value yet the ‘super saver’ option consistently offers travellers the most savings.

“Booking a night at a Gatwick airport hotel prior to departure makes the whole travel experience better, especially for people with growing families, and those that prefer to avoid the stress of commuting to the airport just before their flight. The convenience of staying close to the Gatwick airport is really unmatched, and travellers find they save on parking too because Gatwick airport hotels seek the extra business,” added the spokesperson.

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