UK debt settlement service saves millions for clients

Added by on January 10, 2013, a UK debt settlement service, announced its clients have saved millions of dollars and pounds as a result of the company’s debt reduction service.

“The UK is suffering under a blanket of consumer debt totaling approximately £1.4 trillion with home repossession rates as high as one home every 16 minutes in the UK.

“Interest payments alone amount to £166 million per day, an incredible figure,” said a company spokesperson.

According to the company, debt settlement is an affordable way to pay debt without incurring debt management fees, entering into an IVA, and without having anything secured against personal assets.

“We work by negotiating on your behalf to obtain a discount on your debt of about 50% without adding any monthly fees from us. You pay us only once we setup a plan that works for you and your creditors,” explained the company spokesperson.

The company said most consumers are debt free within 36 months with typical fees equivalent to the first two months’ payments and no follow-on monthly fees. Apart from the advantage of a 50% reduction in the amount owing, the company says all of a consumer’s payments are reduced to one monthly fee that helps the consumer become debt free faster and less expensive as compared to paying off debt by monthly payments without a debt settlement.

A former client said, “I highly recommend Settle My Debt to anyone having financial difficulty. Now I am on the road to a debt free future, one where I will always be grateful for the help and advice your company has given”

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