Unique approach, outstanding results: FamilyReferee.com

Added by on March 27, 2012

FamilyReferee.com announces the release of its unique approach to managing and eliminating problem behaviors – an approach that delivers cooperative behaviours and pro-social values based on positive reinforcement.

“Kids will be kids, yet there times when certain behaviors are inappropriate, leading to disruptions and other negative and undesirable results at home or at school. Traditional management techniques have three approaches – therapy, medications, and detentions – none of which may not be the optimum nterventions for children,” said a FamilyReferee.com spokesperson.

According to FamilyReferee.com, therapy may be based on a variety of philosophies that may or may not yield results within an unpredictable timeframe; psychotropic medications are not tested on children and can produce paradoxical results with side effects during and after treatment – some of which may never go away; detention is based on institutionalism – a divisive tactic that leads to alienation and could begin a negative cycle.

FamilyReferee.com says their solution, an online behavior management program with daily tracking, feedback and an easy to understand scorecard system empower parents and children to take control and encourage pro-social behaviours while eliminating problem behaviors. The FamilyReferee.com system is based on merit, and offers rewards like privileges and increased trust, just like the real world.

“The outcome of the FamilyReferee.com program replaces disruptive behavior with cooperative behavior. The program is based on positive reinforcement using suggested privileges that include access to the computer, mobile phone, video games, or spending a night at a friend’s house, all without scary side effects, unpredictable and vague results, and without plunging children into a cycle or repetitive, disruptive behaviors,” added the spokesperson.

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