Very first BlackBerry service to offer app-bundles for BlackBerry users

Added by on March 21, 2012

The staff of BBbundle is very excited to announce its new platform which will be launching in the near future. BBbundle will be giving Blackberry users the opportunity to download application bundles for the Blackberry system. One of the things that make this website so special is that it is the first of its sort. These days more and more people are downloading paid applications for their mobile phones and research has shown that BlackBerry App World contains the most expensive “paid” applications compared to other operating systems(Source: Distimo). That is one of the reasons why this website has been created, to make it more accessible for BlackBerry users to purchase paid applications that bring a high level of quality with them.

“With the app-world growing rapidly and the Blackberry App World containing the most expensive mobile apps compared to other app stores, I think it is a win-win situation for both the developers and our platform to work together.” said Nordin Ben Allal, Founder of BBbundle.

At the moment there is only a sign-up page but that will soon change since BBundle is already in negotiations with top-notch developers to create something astounding for the online and mobile world. Though BBbundle aims to provide the low-cost bundles online, they are huge supporters of the development community.

BBundle outlines their website:

  • Very first website to offer application-bundles for the Blackberry OS.
  • Offering huge discounts on Blackberry applications.
  • Supporting the development community by paying its partners fairly and by that stimulating developers to either join or start a business on their own.

Developers are asked to submit their applications for approval in order to be part of one of the future bundles. Being part of a BBbundle promotion offers several benefits, says Nordin Ben Allal, founder of BBbundle:

“You have an awesome product that you know people will love, by taking part of the promotion you will experience several benefits:

  • “Your product is offered on BBbundle and the sales start to come in, your product will be delivered to customers.
  • “You will be releasing your product to a wider audience through our customer base, making your brand bigger.
  • “One week after the promotion finishes, you get the money from the promotion sent via Paypal or Bank Transfer.”

About BBbundle is a new platform that gives Blackberry users the opportunity to purchase several paid applications for a reduced price by bundling applications in partnership with developers. Founded by Nordin Ben Allal, a BlackBerry and Mobile App enthusiast.