VinoEnology as a career

Added by on March 7, 2012

Looking for wine jobs or a new career? Anyone who has a job right now is trying to figure out how to keep it. Anyone who’s lost a job recently probably is trying to find out what else can do. A lot of people have started to consider the option to get into the wine industry as their next careers.

According to Winejobs, a web site run by the trade publication Wine Business, said it had 53 percent more job postings last month than in January 2011, and expects to see roughly 15 percent to 20 percent more openings overall this year than last.

For those wishing to enter the wine industry to start a career, erase the dream of sitting with a glass of wine overlooking a vineyard and working minimal hours. The wine industry is competitive niche just like any other business and to find a job is not so easy. The wine industry offers many ways for those looking for jobs to follow their dream. Many wine jobs will require special education like Oenology or Viticulture and previous wine industry experience as well. However, if you decide to take this long journey, a wine career can be a fulfilling opportunity for the right person.

The impact of wine in different cultures around the world has been growing in the last decade. This is good news for everyone who is looking to start a job in the wine industry.