Where2GoTonite.com connects consumers to nightlife options with free perks and benefits in their area

Added by on February 23, 2012

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – Where2GoTonite.com, a hub for nightlife events in various cities, is preparing to launch their website which connects locals to the nightlife of the cities they are in.

Where2GoTonite.com is a hub of information for consumers, promoters, and restaurant or club owners and managers who are looking to connect to the scene of their local nightlife. There are three ways to participate within the site: VIP Client, Promoter/Barstaff/DJ, and Owner/Manager, with each offering their specific benefits. VIP Clients are the tourists or consumers simply seeking an event to attend for the evening. By participating on the Where2GoTonite.com website, they are able to invite their friends with the click of a mouse, as well as be entered to win a prize at the location they choose to attend. Other perks VIP Clients receive are free admission to select events, VIP bypass, and more. Promoters benefit from the Where2GoTonite.com service by getting the word out about their event to a greater number of people and bar owners and/or managers benefit as well from the additional seats being filled in their location.

The Where2GoTonite.com is an innovative way to ensure that cities, consumers, promoters, and managers are benefiting from the extensive buying power and buyer dedication that often comes with the nightlife scene. For consumers, Where2GoTonite.com also offers incentives for finding places to go through them, as well as creating a guest list on their website. They no longer have to find where to go on their own; they can now simply click to connect to Where2GoTonite.com.

For more info on Where2GoTonite, their website and cities they cover, visit Where2GoTonite.com.