Yogic diet enhanced by TruFlavorWare: expert

Added by on March 31, 2012

A yoga expert said TruFlavorWare compliments a sattvic, or yogic diet, helping yoga practitioners achieve clarity and equanimity of mind.

“Yoga is a whole body experience; one that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. Yoga practitioners looking to deepen their practice often begin to examine their entire lifestyle and how it impacts their body and practice. As one delves deeper into yoga, the foods and products yogis use become more important. TruFlavorWare utensils ensure you taste only your food and not the metallic aftertaste of traditional flatware or the chemical taste of plastic flatware. Because TruFlavorWare improves the taste of fresh foods, yogis find they can more easily follow a healthy diet based on fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, legumes, dairy and limited meat products. Simple foods will taste better than they ever have before,” said Don Ladanyi, CEO TruFlavorWare.

According to Ladanyi, TruFlavorWare is a flatware odelled on the ancient Chinese chopstick. These utensils are not made of wood, metal or plastic – instead they are made using a new material that is completely non-reactive, 100% taste-free and contains no harmful chemicals like BPA, plasticizers, oils or formaldehyde. By highlighting pure taste, TruFlavorWare, says Ladanyi, “Simply makes food taste better!”.

“Whatever path you are on, these utensils will help anyone achieve health and well-being. Whether you are an advanced yogi or are new to the mat, you will find your journey into a yogic life enhanced by the use of these amazing utensils. Knowing that no harmful chemicals will be added to their diet is just the kind of assurance that yogis need for their own peace of mind,” added Ladanyi.

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