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Added by on April 24, 2012, a new online gadget store that sells electronic products like mobile phones, tablets, music players, cameras, GPS, devices and accessories like hard disk drives, pendrives and headphones recently launched in India.

Featuring an innovative, first of its kind eCommerce model scripted around the financial options market, allows shoppers to shop products they want at prices they like by buying prepaid ZAP packs and then using them to avail great deals. Every time an online shopper uses the ZAP pack while shopping a product, the market price of the product gets reduced so, when more people use the ZAP packs, the price of the product significantly lowers.

As a safeguard, customers who are unsuccessful in shopping their preferred product get their ZAP packs refunded. Besides, the site also permits the user to buy normally as in any online store without availing the ZAP packs so effectively providing consumers with 2 ways of shopping their favorite gadgets – directly or via ZAP packs.

Promoted by two young under 25 US educated entrepreneurs who returned to India – Balaji Gopalan and Gokulraj GK, Zapstore is the newest entrant in India’s growing online eCommerce scene. The founder CEO Balaji Gopalan shares “We want to redefine online retailing in India. With our regular pricing already very low compared to the competition, customers have the added benefit of using our ZAP packs to buy even more cheaper”. Adds co-founder Gokulraj Gk “On ZAPstore, it’s always a win-win situation for the consumer”.

To ensure customer satisfaction, ZAPstore says it also provides all customers with free delivery across India, free transit insurance against theft and damage during shipment, live chat, toll free numbers, feedback system, a how to ZAP page, reward points and a robust customer service.

The company says the site has had an impressive run without any significant advertising – scaling over 300000 online visitors, 18000 Facebook fans, 4000 Twitter followers and around 100 orders a day – all within 4 months of launch in December 2011. Obviously, the team is upbeat and has scaled up operations with plans to introduce new products like laptops, watches and other electronic goods in the coming weeks.

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About is a new online shopping website based in India retailing electronic gadgets like Mobile Phones, Cameras, Music Players, Tablets and Accessories. works exactly the way the financial options market works. Consumers have options and not obligations to shop products that they want at prices that they like. Consumers pay a small premium for getting great deals, by means of prepaid ZAP packs; the less adventurous can always shop the regular way as in any other online shopping store.