Barnes & Noble: Online Sales Show Customers Prefer eBooks

Added by on December 23, 2010

Barnes & Noble Inc has finally succeeded in improving sales of electronic books through its web sites. It has reported that sale of eBook has exceeded sales of traditional books sold through its web site.

The company had introduced its new book reader Nook in competition with Amazon’s Kindle. According to figures, more than one million electronic books were downloaded by Nook users on Christmas day. However, the figure includes free eBooks as well. According to a spokesperson, the bulk of downloads were for paid eBooks.

The company had placed itself for sale last summer and is under severe pressure to show good results in its eBook market. The industry is facing a huge decline in sale of books and Barnes & Noble Inc was badly hit by the same.

Currently, the organization has a 20 per cent stake in the electronic book market. The company has 717 stores all over the country and the bulk of its retail sales take place through the stores instead of the website.

Just like Amazon, the company has stated that its latest versions of Nook devices are most popular. The company has sold more than two million devices since introducing the device last year.

However, Amazon has sold more than six million devices ever since it introduced Kindle in 2007.

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