Buying a Car Seat Doesn’t Increase Safety if Installed Improperly

Added by on September 21, 2010

The Dorel Juvenile Group USA, division of Dorel Industries which specializes in juvenile products and bicycles, announced that a recent survey it made showed that 56 per cent of parents don’t know what the safest car sear positioning.

Data made public by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also showed that approximately 75 per cent of car seats aren’t even installed properly. During the Child Passenger Safety Week, the Dorel Juvenile Group seeks to educate parents with regard to car seat safety and reduce the current statistics revealed by the NHTSA which shows that every day four children under 14 die in car crashes and over 500 end up being injured due to improperly installed car seats.

Parents who bought or intend to purchase a car seat for their kid must know more about car seat safety. Car seats should be used rear-facing and any parents should make sure that the car seat is appropriate for his kid’s height and weight. The group also advises parents to purchase recently manufactured car seats to make sure that they meet all current federal testing regulations.

During the Child Passenger Safety Week, the group will also be sponsoring free car seat verification events all over the US, but parents must also be aware that they can request the fire department or the local police to check and make sure that a car seat is properly installed.