Impact of Kids’ Cholesterol Changes Affected by Their Lifestyle Decisions

Added by on December 31, 2010

Uncontrolled consumption of cholesterol is often unhealthy for adults. However, kids face changes in cholesterol level as they grow up and this muddles the picture.

Australian researchers have concluded that certain lifestyle decisions can determine why some kids face problems due to high cholesterol levels while others to not.

Those suffering from excessive weight, smoking habits, and lack of physical activity are more likely to suffer from high risk cholesterol. On the other hand, those youths who care of their health and avoid bad habits will automatically face less risk.

From a clinical perspective, this helps clarify why high cholesterol in some kids causes more problems as compared to others. In adults, high levels of LDL and lower levels of HDL cholesterol increases risk of heart problems and is a major killer in developed countries.

Millions of individuals are making use of cholesterol lowering drugs but there is no consensus on whether kids will benefit from such an approach.

The American Academy Of Pediatrics encourages drug treatment when LDL rises to 190 mg/DL. In case of a family with heart problems, the threshold is fixed at 160 mg/DL. The Australian approach indicates that better lifestyle choices will help reduce risk without resorting to medicines.

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