Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk Moves for Wii and PSP

Added by on November 2, 2010

Ubisoft, the video game maker, will put up in stores on November 23 the game “Michael Jackson the Experience”.

The game will be available on Nintendo’s Wii at $49.99, and for only $29.99 on Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. Ubisoft is planning to expand the game’s availability to more platforms in 2011.

Michael Jackson

Cover of Michael Jackson

Ubisoft representatives announce on Monday that there will be a special edition that is meant to encourage early purchases in stores and online, which will reminisce of MJ’s famous glove.

It’s yet unknown how many gloves will be available with the special edition, but the game maker expects them to sell out quickly.

The game maker expects dance games to be on top this holiday season, but not only due to the game dedicated to the king of pop. Ubisoft also launched fairly recently another dance game, “Just Dance 2”, following the success of “Just Dance” which sold over 4 million copies.

Tony Key, senior vice-president of sales and marketing within the game company, stated that not only they expect for the dance category to be strong this year, but Ubisoft also hopes to be a leader.

Ubisoft has these high hopes especially because these games are accessible and are great to be used in groups, or by families, even at parties.

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