T-Mobile Introduces Better Value for Money Service with Tiered Pricing

Added by on November 4, 2010

T-Mobile USA’s latest offering is designed to help people download up to 200 MB stuff on their cell phones at just $10 per month.

The service provider acknowledges that the data service plan will not allow high downloads but also indicates that this plan is better than those offered by AT&T, Verizon Wireless and others.

AT&T, the second biggest service provider in America, offers the same level of download at $15 per month. Vodafone too charges just $15 but offers only 100 MB data download option. The latter deal happens to be a promotional one.

Companies used to offer unlimited use plans. However, this led to network congestion when users of Apple and other phones resorted to huge downloads. AT&T responded by offering tiered prices with reduced rates to keep users interested.

T-Mobile responded to the plan by lowering prices to boost market share and win back customers. Its current plan is priced at $30 per month for those who use download features very often.

The service provider recognizes that mobile broadband is the thing of the future and that more and more users will look for good deals in this field. Unlike competitors, T Mobile is not going to charge extra for high speeds. It is also in talks to gain extra spectrum for its future services.

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