Hall Of Famers – Players with Suspected Drug Links Voted Out

Added by on January 3, 2011

Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven found themselves in the Baseball Hall Of Fame but struggled to be a diplomatic when inquired about the dismal performance of Rafael Palmeiro and Mark McGwire in the vote.

Both Rafael and Mark failed to cement a place in the sports highest honor in the country.

Bert Blyleven was blunt in his assessment when he said that those who made use of performance enhancing substances had cheated and did not deserve a place in the Hall Of Fame. He said that it was not surprising that Baseball Writers’ Association of America did not vote in favor of such players.

However, Roberto Alomar was more generous and admitted that the two players were very good and hoped that they could convince writers to vote for them.

Rafael Palmeiro has 569 hom runs and more than 3000 hits and was tested positive for drugs despite formally stating in a congressional hearing that he would never consider using such substances.

Mark McGwire was once the record holder for the highest number of home runs in the singles season when he hit seventy homers in 1998. However, he was always suspected of using such substances and admitted the same before he moved onto as the coach off St Louis Cardinals.

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